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Our Team
Our Team

Here at Thinkers, we see the value in everyone. Our energized and engaging team is the biggest fortune we have. We are dedicated to being a catalyst for positive change through each and every one of our members.

Senior Leadership Team
Senior Leadership Team
Derick Chunxi Guan

Derick Chunxi Guan


Stanford University

Italy & China


Technology & Digitalization

Sophia Xiangyi Chen

Sophia Xiangyi Chen

Chief Execution Officer

Yale University

US, UK & China


Financial Service, Private Equity

Tianqi Zhang

Tianqi Zhang

Chief Strategy Officer

Emory University

Canada & China


Public & Social Sector

John Bryce Tu

Jhon Bryce Tu

Chief Operations Officer

Harvey Mudd College

Ecuador & China


Aerospace Engineering & Chemicals

Junior Leadership Team
Junior Leadership Team

Yingxuan (Erica) Huang

Director of Design Workshop

Profile Picture.jpeg

Xufei (Eric) Wang

Director of Design Consultancy

Our Team: Text

Tingyi (Celine) Xu

Director of Design Implementation

Diversity Statement
Diversity Statement

At THINKERS & Design., we are committed to the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our team and in our work. We believe having a diverse and welcoming environment is the key to foster sustainable meaningful and
long-lasting design and innovation.

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