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THINKERS & Design.'s


THINKERS & Design.'s


THINKERS strive to promote Design Thinking tools and resources to empower underprivileged communities development.



A Quick Intro to Design Thinking




A Hands-On 3 month projects-launch with Thinkers' designers


Online course

An Intiative with UWC IO to support youth entrepreneurship under COVID-19

THINKERS initiate offline workshops regularly to empower sustainable development around a certain community. Through a hands-on workshop lead by skilled facilitators and designers, all the participants have full engagement and a comprehensive experience of the five steps of design thinking. The curriculum offered in the workshop is specially designed for different communities to fit their needs with both long-lasting programs and short term workshops available. Since the start of offline workshops, a number of more than 200 participants, aged from 10-20, have benefited from it in eastern china. In the near future, THINKERS will continue on these offline workshops to cultivate systematic thinking skills among communities.





As a non-profit organization, THINKERS is currently developing on free Project Consulting businesses. By sending out briefs, customers will be able to get in touch with THINKERS and cooperate with personalized Design Teams to innovate ideas. THINKERS will apply human-centered Design Thinking as the main approach of our consulting services and guide our users to experience the five steps with Designers and Managers within the team. Customers will be able to own a fully developed systematic and strategic solution to tackle their obstacles and have a better possibility of success in their projects.

Online workshop- THINKERS are creating a Design Thinking knowledge and expert network to support our partners and young innovators grow in the long term. Online courses will be delivered via various social platforms and video websites, as well as the CSC Global CSC Network. Short-term courses adapted from THINKERS education structure will be presented to teach the audience the procedure and implementation of Design Thinking, and they will be available at anytime users are willing to learn. Audience will own a better understanding of human-centered design, and they may create feedbacks or questions by contacting THINKERS privately.



Our Partners

Our Partners


with US

Currently, we are expanding our partnerships network in order to create effective positive social change and influence students and educators through our curriculum.


Our partnered institutions are provided with tailored workshops base on their students and educators' backgrounds for the most effective outcome.

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